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About the GEC

The Academic Senate has established an ad hoc subcommittee of Curriculum Committee on General Education to review and update the college's General Education Offerings. The General Education Committee will be convened as necessary by the Curriculum Committee.

COM General Education Statement of Purpose

While college students choose a specific field of study, part of their educational experience and requirements include a program of general education. This well-rounded, student-driven educational package is intended to be complementary to, but different in emphasis from, the specialized education received for a job or a profession, or from focusing on a particular field of study. By completing a general education program, students expand their knowledge of the content and methodologies in a variety of disciplines. College of Marin expects students to:

  • Become effective written, oral and visual communicators for many audiences;
  • Be flexible, curious, and open to new experiences;
  • Recognize how they connect to and affect their community and the world beyond;
  • Enhance economic survival skills for the workplace and marketplace;
  • Think critically, ethically, independently, and creatively about a variety of topics that will be useful to them in the real world and hone these thinking skills in a way which can be used throughout their life;
  • See the interconnectedness of topics and use multiple disciplines to help achieve a deeper understanding of past, present, and future events at local, national and global levels;
  • Become a more widely informed citizen who appreciates the importance of intellectual, scientific and artistic accomplishments;
  • Engage in healthful living and wellness physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.