Curriculum Committee

Our goal as Curriculum Committee members is to provide the highest quality of education for all College of Marin students by supporting and assisting the faculty in the process of development and revisions to all approved academic materials. It is our intent to maintain and improve academic standards as set forth by Title 5 regulations, the State Chancellor’s Office, and the duties as set forth by the state Academic Senate for California Community Colleges.

As a subcommittee of the Academic Senate at College of Marin, we will act accordingly in both a supportive and evaluative role for the on-going development of courses and programs at the college as defined within the current board policies.

For assistance, please contact the Curriculum Representative for your area, the Curriculum Chairperson, the Curriculum Specialist, or the Articulation Officer by clicking on the links under the Committee Members list. You may also contact us via phone by referring to the extension number listed or the listing in the current College of Marin Employee Directory.   

Curriculum Committee Meetings

The Curriculum Committee meets every Thursday between 2:15 and 4 pm.  Most meetings begin in AC 229 and may continue downstairs in AC 116 for the Tech Review. The Committee sometimes holds additional support meetings to assist specific disciplines with their course outlines. Please check with the committee chairperson.  

Meetings consist of two parts:

  • Discussion of current issues around curriculum. These may include new legislation, Title 5 or Ed Code compliance, new or changing policies or procedures from the CCC Chancellor’s Office, articulation issues, changes in local board policies, and specific issues brought forward from COM disciplines or committee members.
  • The Tech Review:  This consists of members reviewing course outlines for accuracy and completeness before moving them forward for review by SLOAC, the Distance Ed Committee (if needed) and UDWC.
  • NOTE:  All meetings are open to the public.

College of Marin Board Policies (BP) or Administrative Procedures (AP) relevant to curriculum: