Curriculum Committee Member

Department chairs are ex-officio members of the Curriculum Committee
Voting Members Department Extension Office
Gina Cullen Curriculum Committee Chairperson* x7440 SS 214
Bob McCoy Behavioral Sciences x7602 FH 104

Nancy Willet

/Maula Allen

Business Information Systems



LC 24


Derek Wilson Career Education x8255
BLDG 27, 210
Heather Rahman Classified Representative x8204 IVC
Not Represented College Skills (English Skills)    
Sara McKinnon College Skills (ESL) x7924 AC 314
Not Represented
Not Represented Community Education    
Rachel Klein
x7419 SS 219
Luna Finlayson Student Accessibility Services (SAS) x7702 LC 115
Not Represented Early Childhood Education    
Alisa Klinger English/Humanities x7691 AC 328

Kevin Muller

/Suzanne Lacke

Fine and Visual Arts



FA 105

FA 107

Jeannie Langinger Health Sciences  x7333 SMN 303
Not Represented
Steve Newton Life and Earth Sciences x7526 SMN 314
Maria Coulson Mathematics x7865 SMN 343
Lisa Morse Performing Arts (Dance, Drama, Music) x7558 PA 129
Kathleen Smyth Physical Education & Health x7578 PE 14
Rebecca Lipson
Physical Sciences
x7507 SMN 301C
Paul Cheney
Social Sciences
x7402 FH 203
Not Represented World Languages & Cultures    
Not Represented
Student Representative
  *Tie-breaking vote ONLY    
Non-voting Members Department Extension Office
Sheldon Carroll Evaluation Analyst x7719 SS 254
Becky Reetz Director of EOPS, CARE, CalWORKs x7633 LC 160
Mengqi (Grace) Yuan Articulation & Curriculm Analyst x7488 LC 115
Administration Department Extension Office
Cari Torres Assistant Vice President of Student Learning x7505 AC 225
Jon Eldridge V.P. of Student Services and Student Learning x7618 AC 227
Jon Horinek Dean of Enrollment Services x7414 SS 252
David Snyder Dean of Arts and Humanities x7655 AC 305
Carol Hernandez Dean of Math and Sciences x7506 SMN 301D
Sharon Goldfarb Dean of Health Sciences x7326 SMN 301A
  Dean of Career and Technical Education x8506 BLDG08
Tonya Hersch Dean of Education Success Programs x7953 AC 310
Carol Hildebrand Director of Community Education x7316 SS 149