Staying in Contact

Please contact your department Administrative Assistant about setting up an email account and a Voice mail account.  The web portal account is set up through the IT and Admissions and Records.

Telephone/Voice Mail


The College has purchased new IP-based phones (Mitel 5312) in replacement of the older 4025 Mitel and the Siemens analog phones. Attached is the new phones’ user guide.

Setting Up Your Mailbox

The College is at the initial phase of a new voicemail system deployment. One of the first steps is to have our users setup their new voicemail boxes, and get them ready for a smooth cut-over. Please, note that the new mailbox is not currently live, and its setup does not interfere with your current mailbox operations. Phone-trees and department mailboxes are being handled differently. Below/attached are the instructions you will need for setting up a new greeting and operating the new mailbox. Further instructions about the rollout will follow.

To access your new mailbox:

  • From a College phone, please dial extension 7600
  • From outside the office, please dial (415) 485-9600
  • When you are prompted please press the # sign key, then enter your mailbox number; it is your extension number;
  • You will be prompted to enter the default security code, which is 0000, then follow the prompts;
  • You will also be prompted to record your name and a greeting, follow the prompts.
  • To log out of the voicemail system, press the star key '*' until the system says "Thank you for calling" or hangs up on you.

Modifying Your Mailbox Settings

  • Once you have logged into your mailbox, you may reach the “Phone Manager” functions by pressing “3”.
  • Press “1” for “Personal Options”
  • Changing your security code
  • [4] - Press the “4” key and follow the prompts. Remember that you will have to re-enter your security code for authentication.

Recording your name

  • [5] - Press the “5” key and follow the prompts. Your name should be recorded as your name. For example, "Jane Doe", not "Hello, this is Jane Doe."
  • Recording or changing your greeting
  • [3] - Press the “3” key and follow the prompts.
  • For your “Standard” greeting, press 2 and follow the prompts.
  • For your “Out-of-Office” greeting, press 3 and follow the prompts.

Please, reference the attached document for further configurations.

Some Important Notes

When you are in any location in Phone Manager or your mailbox, the star key '*' will back you up one step or level.

Your personal Security Code can be up to 15 digits long and should not be anything simple like 123456, or 121212, or 4444. Your Security Code should be unique, but something you can remember.


PDF iconMitel 5312 quick users guide.pdf

PDF iconVoiceMail_setup.pdf


MyCOM Web Portal

The MyCOM Portal is your entry point to email, the faculty dashboard, the Learning Management System (currently Moodle), employee information, and other services. This is where instructors will view up-to-date class rosters, submit grades online, send and receive email using MyCOM portal email, and more.

To access it:

  • Go to the college website:
  • Click on the MyCOM link in the top right corner of any web page
  • Once there, enter your user name and password for your portal account.

If you have trouble logging in, please contact Enrollment Services at 415-457-8811 x8822 or the Help Desk at:

College Email

  • You access your email by clicking on the Office 365 or Webmail links in the left side navigation pane of the MyCOM portal.
For more information and instructions regarding email:

PDF iconAccessingMyCOMEmail_V4.pdf (New! January 2016)

  - IT MyCOM FAQs Website

College of Marin Website Faculty Pages

College of Marin Employee Directory

If you go to “search” on the home page of College of Marin’s web site, you can search for your name under “employee directory”.  There you will find information about you - your office, voice mail, email, classes and office hours. Much of this information is editable through the INTRANET. 

To access the Intranet, please follow these steps:

From a faculty/staff computer on campus only, open Internet Explorer and type in http://intranet

If you are at home, you must connect to the college through Citrix in order to access the intranet.  Once you have Citrix installed on your home computer, you will log into it just as you do the MyCOM portal. This will take you to your "virtual desktop".

From there, open Internet Explorer (only) and type in: 

and then use the same username and password that you used for the portal.

Once on the Intranet page:
  • Click on “General” on the left side navigation bar.  Click on “Employees”.
  • This will get you to a list of employees.  Find your name and click on it. 
  • Your “faculty webpage” will appear with certain areas editable.
  • You can also add your picture, and statements about yourself, your philosophy and any additional information you’d like to provide. 

Office Hours:

This faculty page is where students, other faculty, deans, admin assistants, etc. find your office hours.  Please make sure to update this each semester as follows:

  • Office Hours: Click “Add” to post your office hours. There is a drop down menu for the building; add the room number; add the start and end times – first box the hour, second the minutes (for example:  05  and then 10  to enter 5:10.  
  • NOTE:  We are working on getting "online" added to the list of options for office location. For now, please just make a note of it in the comments box.

Snail Mail Mailboxes

All instructors are assigned a mailbox for materials pertaining to classes and notices to you as an employee.

Your mailbox on the Kentfield Campus is in the mailroom in AC 156. Part time noncredit ESL faculty mailboxes are located in the ESL office in AC 109.

On the Indian Valley Campus, all mailboxes are in Building 9, Room 127. Please check your mailbox regularly.

The mailrooms are accessible at any time via your key fob.

COM Connect

Wondering what to do when the power goes out? Need to know if the campus is open during a particularly bad storm? Sign up and review your contact information. Students, faculty and staff will be asked to provide an ID code—enter your M00#. Community Ed students and community members may also sign up to receive emergency alerts at the COM Connect open portal.

In case of an emergency, College of Marin can use COM Connect to provide critical updates before, during, and after an incident.

Administrators can communicate to the campus through each individual’s preferred mode, including:

  • Voice
  • Text
  • Email
  • TTY/TDD devices (for the hearing impaired)
  • Posts to RSS feeds, Facebook, and Twitter