Intern Responsibilities

Before the Term



Intern Retreat

Attend a one-day retreat to understand the components of the program and the mentor/mentee relationship and responsibilities. 

Creating Objectives, Contract, and Calendar of Activities

At the beginning of each term, the mentor and intern should schedule a meeting that helps clarify the intern’s learning objectives and a calendar of activities (observations, classroom participation, weekly meetings, etc.), and also the best methods of communication.

MyCOM and other digital media

Work with Mentor to obtain access to MyCOM portal features (class Canvas shell, for Counseling Interns: Degree Works, etc.), obtain COM email address, and enroll in the Intern Cohort course (COUN 136A).

Feedback on Course Materials*

Look at texts, syllabus, course calendar, homework assignments, class assignments and assessments BEFORE the term gets underway. Discuss topics of interest with Mentor and determine how you will participate.


During the Term




Be observed by Mentor (in the case of counselors and librarians, completing other observable work), and receive feedback.

Regular Meetings

Meet with Mentor at least once per week.

Take Notes

Keep a record of meetings, observations, evaluations, and any other notes for future reporting and discussions.

*Non-Classroom Activities

Attend professional development and FDIP workshops; lead at least one FDIP workshop; invite intern to the committee and department meetings when appropriate; participate in monthly workshops within the Intern class (COUN 136A) and develop your Job Search Portfolio with the help of your Mentor


After the Term



Job Search Portfolio

Review Job Search Portfolio with Mentor.

Final Meeting

Conduct a wrap-up conversation with iMentor and complete the program report together.

Program & Intern Evaluation & Mock Interview Feedback

Complete FDIP evaluation (this will be emailed after the term). Turn into FDIP Coordinator. Upon completion of the second term, participate in a mock interview and receive feedback to determine successful completion of the FDIP.