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Human Resources

Human Resources as moved!  New location:

Indian Valley Campus
Building 11, Second Floor

(415) 485-9340
(415) 883-6878 (fax)

General inquiries:

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Important Instructions about Fillable Forms

Equal Opportunity Information  


The Marin Community College District is committed by policy not to discriminate on the basis of, or the perception of, race, ethnic group identification, ancestry, color, religion, age, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, disability (mental or physical), marital status, medical condition (cancer, genetic characteristics, or pregnancy), and status as a  veteran in any of its educational and employment  programs and activities, its policies, practices and procedures.

Students who believe that this policy has been violated have the right to file an internal complaint or a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights.

The Marin Community College District makes every attempt to stay in compliance with the requirements of  Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments, the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972 (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended), the Civil Rights Act of 1991, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1974, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act of 1980, the California Fair Employment and Housing Commission Rules and Regulations, and  the Vietnam Veteran’s Readjustment Act of 1974.

College of Marin, under the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act of 1994, provides information concerning the operation of its intercollegiate athletics program. A completed report is available in the Admissions and Records Office, the Library, and the Athletic Department for public review.

The College of Marin Board Policy 3410 Nondiscrimination prohibits verbal, physical, visual, and sexual harassment of any applicant, employee, or student by any District employee on the basis of any category or combination of discriminatory categories prohibited by state or federal law. Nonemployees while on the District property are also expected to follow these guidelines.

It is further the policy of this District to ensure equal opportunity in all of its programs and in all aspects of employment. The lack of English skills will not be a barrier to admission to and participation in vocational education programs.


Before You Teach

You will want to make sure that you have submitted all documentation regarding prior employment, etc. so that Human Resources can place you accurately on the salary schedule. You will also need to be fingerprinted if you are a new instructor.  All instructors will be notified periodically regarding TB Clearance requirements (every 4 years). 

TB Clearance Tests can be taken care of through the College of Marin Student Health Services.

Employment Contracts

Part Time contracts will be mailed to you from Human Resources. (Indian Valley Campus (IVC) Building 11, 2nd floor). Please read carefully, then sign your contract and return it promptly to Human Resources, so there will be no delay in issuing your paycheck. You can send it by email to: hrcom@marin.edu or through interoffice mail.  If you have any questions about your assignment on the contract, please contact your Department Chair or the Office of Instructional Management (OIM). If you have questions regarding your salary, please contact Payroll at 415-883-2211 ext. 8164 or ext. 8163 or Human Resources at 415-485-9520 or from COM at ext. 7520. 


What if my contract contains incorrect information?

Contact your department Chair. They weill send a change order to the Office of Instructional Management (OIM), who will then send a revised contract to HR for processing. Once HR receives the revised contract, a copy will be mailed to you via the US postal service within one week's time.

What do I do with my contract? 

Sign and send to HR via email at hrcom@marin.edu or by interoffice campus mail.

What if my step or column is incorrect? 

If you believe your step or column is incorrect, please contact HR directly at hrcom@marin.edu.

What if my contract assignment changes, when will I recieve the corrected payments/deductions? 

Your pay will be corrected on the first end-of-month payroll period following HR receipt of the revised contract. Any additional payment due will be paid out in the first payroll period following HR receipt of the revised contract.

Office Hours (Full-Time and Part-Time Credit Faculty) 

Regular Office Hours (Form 8.C). Credit and non-credit unit members teaching inperson, online, or hybrid courses in semester programs or during intersession shall hold office hours each week when they will be available for consultation with students. A minimum of 50% of the required office hours shall be held in their offices of the unit member, and a maximum of 50% of the required office hours may be held virtually, using synchronous communication technologies. Minimum required office hours per week of instruction are as follows.  See Article 8.3 of UPM/MCCD CBA 2021-2024

Assigned Teaching Units 

No. of Expected Office Hours Per Week of Instruction

0.1 to 3.0

One (1)

3.1 to 6.0

One and one-half (1.5)

6.1 to 9.0

Two (2)

9.1 to 12.0

Three (3)

12.1 to 15.0

Four (4)

15.1 to 18.0

Five (5)

18.1 to 21.0

Six and one-half (6.5)

21.1 to 24.0

Seven (7)

Posting Office Hours

Each unit member shall post outside his/her/their office, online, and in course materials, the office times when the unit member shall be available to meet with students, and provide written verification of scheduled office hours to the respective supervising manager.

Not part of 67% Load Restriction 

Office hours are not counted in the 67% load restriction (under the Education Code) for temporary part-time instructors.

Faculty Evaluation


Please refer to Article 7 in the UPM/MCCD CBA 2021-2024.

7.3 Evaluation Forms Description (from page 71)

7.3.1 Child Development Program Instructors (from page 73)

7.3.2 Coaches (from page 74)

7.3.3 Counselors (from 75)

7.3.4 ESL Faculty Student Evaluation form (page 77)

7.3.5 Health Center Nurse and Mental Health Counselors (from page77)

7.3.6 Librarians (from page 79)

7.3.7 Nursing Faculty (from page 81)

7.3.8 Reading and Writing Lab Instructors (from page 81)

7.4 Tenured Faculty Evaluation Procedure (from page 82)

7.5 Probationary Faculty (Tenure Track) (from page 86)

7.6 Part-Time Faculty (Credit/Noncredit) (from page 89)

7.7 Community Education (Not-for-Credit) Instructors (from page 92)

Flex Obligation

The Flexible Calendar program allows College of Marin to take a number of days out of the required 175 annual teaching days and devote them to professional development for credit faculty. Faculty may elect to attend workshops or perform individual activities during the Independent Flex days or during the semester. The Wednesday before classes begin each semester is a Mandatory Flex day that includes College Convocation in the morning and Academic Department Meetings in the afternoon.

Flex activities are open to all faculty and staff. Some activities require registration.

Check the Professional Learning Website on the College Website for information about scheduled activities and updates. Please refer to the Flex Activities and Guidelines link on the webpage above each semester for complete details.

9.8 Flex Obligation 9.8.1

Full-Time Faculty. The flex obligation for full-time faculty is forty (40) hours per academic year (calculated based on twenty (20) hours per semester). Full-time faculty must earn and report flex hours during the academic year on an annual basis.

9.8.2 Part-Time Faculty.

The flex obligation for part-time faculty is prorated based on a full-time load flex obligation equivalent to twenty (20) hours per semester. Part-time faculty must earn and report flex hours during the semester.


Days converted to staff development use must be accounted for to the state. Faculty must identify how they met their Flex obligation by the end of each semester. Begining in spring 2019, all Flex/professional learning activities must be recorded in ProLearning, our new learning management system accessible through the MyCOM portal. With this system, you can view a calendar of on-campus Flex events and register by selecting REQUEST for the event you want to attend. After you have attended a Flex session and signed in, you will be marked in the system as having attended and can then fill out a short, online evaluation to "complete" your training.  You can also browse online training options with Lynda.com, Skillsoft, and Keenan. If you attend external training, you can go to MY TRANSCRIPT and add your information. Please see the Professional Learning Website for more information.

Please see: ARTICLE 9: CALENDAR AND FLEX CALENDAR PROGRAM of the UPM/MCCD CBA 2021-2024 pages 127-128.

How much will I get paid? 

Salary Schedules:

Classification / Compensation

Please read ARTICLE 3: WAGES of the UPM/MCCD CBA 2021-2024 for further information about wages, placement on the salary schedule, or horizontal or vertical step movement on the salary schedule.

Please read ARTICLE 6: ASSIGNMENTS AND TRANSFERS and and 6.4.7 Eligible Temporary Unit Member (ETUM) of the UPM/MCCD CBA 2021-2024.

Payroll Issues:

What if I am overpaid?  If you are aware that you've been overpaid, please contact Human Resources ASAP to correct the overpayment. Unreported overpayments will be followed up on by certified mail, and may go to collections after a certain time period if remain unpaid.

What do I do if I think my deductions are incorrect?  Contact the Payroll Department. For any deductions discrepancies, the payroll team will research your inquiry. The Payroll Deparment inputs employee income tax withholding elections and other payroll/benefit deductions. Emplyees should promptly notify the Payroll Department regarding any payroll deduction questions.


Contracts will be mailed to you from Human Resources. Please read carefully, then sign your contract and return it promptly to Human Resources, so there will be no delay in issuing your paycheck. If you have any questions regarding your contract assignment, please contact your Department Chair.


Part time credit and noncredit ESL instructors and librarians will receive 5 equal monthly payments based on their semester units/salary. You will receive a payment schedule with your contract. Counselors are usually paid in six equal payments on the last day of each month of counseling. Paychecks are available by direct deposit to your bank for end-of-month paychecks, or placed in your campus mailbox, or mailed directly to your home address.

Payroll Deductions 

Please see ARTICLE 4: FRINGE BENEFITS in the UPM/MCCD CBA 2021-2024

Retirement Contribution

Federal regulations require all temporary faculty members to participate in Social Security if they are not active members in the State Teachers' Retirement System. Membership in STRS is mandatory if you teach 7.5 units or more during a semester, or you may elect STRS upon employment. You will be automatically placed in Social Security unless you choose STRS. If you are already in PERS in a Classified position, please check with the Human Resources Department for information on which option may be most beneficial.

Health Benefits for Part timers

You must teach 12 units per year and teach at least 6 units in the fall semester to be eligible for District-paid health benefits. Please read Article 4.2 (a) of your MCCD/UPM-AFT Contract for explanation of these benefits. Should you fall below the required number of units to qualify for benefits, you may continue to pay for them through payroll deduction. If your class is cancelled, a COBRA letter will be sent to you. Please refer to Article 4.7 of your UPM/MCCD CBA 2021-2024 for information about Medical Waivers.

Dental Benefits

Unit members who qualify for health coverage in Article 4.2 shall qualify for reimbursement for dental expenses. Please read Article 4.2.5 of the UPM/MCCD CBA 2021-2024 for explanation of these benefits. 

What if I Have to Be Absent?

Please see ARTICLE 5.2 Sick Leave of the UPM/MCCD CBA 2021-2024 which details Sick Leave and other kinds of leave.

Conference Leave:

Conference Leave shall be recommended by the UPM-District Professional  Development Leave Committee (PDLC). Please see contract and the PDLC FAQs of this handbook as it has changed.

Sick Leave Notification Requirements

Requesting Substitutes Quick Summary

1. Faculty may request paid substitutes if the request is made with at least 24 hours’ notice to Dean or designee and the unit member must provide the substitute with a lesson plan, lecture, or other instructional materials consistent with the course syllabus.

2. Requests made for paid substitutes with less than 24 hours’ notice shall be denied and the member shall not arrange for a paid substitute.

3. If faculty member arranges for a voluntary unpaid substitute, there is no 24 hour minimum notice window. In both cases you must provide sutstitute with a lesson plan, lecture, or other instructional materials consistent with the course syllabus.


If you must be absent from your class (with more notice) due to illness or family emergency, notify your department administrative assistant as soon as possible so a qualified substitute can be called in and required paperwork can be prepared. Please have clear instructions for the substitute available. If a substitute teacher is not available, early notification will allow us time to contact the students and put a notice on the classroom door.

Every substitute must be hired by Human Resources prior to teaching and must have appropriate qualifications and a Personnel Action Form on file. All paperwork must be processed by Human Resources prior to teaching. A new Personnel Action Form (PAF) must be completed for each qualified substitute by the department each Academic Year (starting July 1).

5.1 Reporting Absences (Full Text from 2021 Contract)

5.1.1 Except as provided in this Article, unit members shall notify their immediate supervisor as soon As possible before any leave of absence, and in no event later than one hour prior to the unit member’s first assignment, unless the unit member is incapacitated and unable to do so. Within three (3) days after the last day of the absence, unit members shall complete and submit to their immediate supervisor the Faculty Absence Report (Form 5.A). For purposes of this section, a “day” is defined as a week day that District offices are open for business). The Dean/Director and the Department Chair shall make the reporting form available to the unit member (Form 5.A).

5.1.2 All unit members shall indicate their intention to return to duty the following work day by contacting their immediate supervisor or the supervisor’s designee as soon as practicable, but no later than 2:30 P.M. on the workday preceding the unit member’s return to duty.

5.1.3 If a unit member fails to give notice within the time limit specified of the unit member’s intention to return after illness or accident, and the substitute appears for the days, the substitute shall receive a full day’s substitute pay, and this amount shall be deducted from the unit member’s salary for that month.

5.1.4 In the event a unit member is unable to contact the unit member’s immediate supervisor, as required in this Section 5.1, the unit member shall contact the appropriate dean/director or Vice President by phone or email.

5.1.5 Unit members may not utilize asynchronous nor synchronous online/remote teaching to avoid reporting an absence or using leave unless otherwise directed by the District. 

5.17 Substitution (Voluntary Substitutes)

Faculty No unit member absent due to illness, personal necessity, professional development leave, or honorary leave, for a period of three (3) days or less total shall be charged sick leave, if during the unit member’s absence the position is voluntarily filled by other faculty member(s) who meet the requirements to serve as a short-term substitute for the assignment. The use of substitutions under this section shall follow the procedures for short-term substitutes. The substituting faculty member will not be paid. The Absence Report form must be submitted to the appropriate dean or director by the faculty member who was absent to verify that these conditions have been met.

Absence Report Form (new - Form F.5.A)

An Absence Report Form (F.5.A) must be turned in within three days of your return to your department administrative assistant directly or put in the correct department mailbox. 

A fillable form is available in the MyCOM Portal in the Employees Tab.

For further information, please refer to Article 5, Section 5.1, of the UPM/MCCD CBA 2021-2024.

Health and Safety Issues

Workers’ Compensation/Occupational Accidents or Injuries

Workers' Compensation coverage begins the first minute you are on the job and continues while you are working. Each job-related accident or illness must be immediately reported to your Dean/Supervisor and to Human Resources. Just tell us what, where, when and how it happened. Human Resources will send you a confirming Claim for Workers' Compensation Benefits form to complete.

Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol Regulations 

Smoke-Free Learning and Working Environment

The Board of Trustees of College of Marin recognizes that smoking presents a health and safety hazard which can have serious consequences. Therefore, the Board Policy 3570 prohibits smoking by all staff, students and visitors at all times on any District property except designated smoking areas. District property refers to any and all buildings, parking lots, District vehicles, as well as property on the Kentfield Campus, the Indian Valley Campus, and the Bolinas Marine Laboratory property. For more information, please see Board Policy 3570.

Drug And Alcohol-free Campus

It is the policy of the District to maintain a drug and alcohol-free campus for students, faculty, and staff. The College has established and will maintain a drug and alcohol-free awareness program. The program has and will continue to include the distribution of information on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, and referral resources for counseling and rehabilitation dealing with drug abuse problems.  See Board Policy No. 3550