Additional Information

Staff Parking Permits

Procedure for faculty, staff and student parking permits changed in Fall 2022. 

If you are a first time new hire, you can get parking permits information from the Human Resources Office. Thereafter, Staff Permits are issued to regularly employed college faculty and staff and must be replaced before each October. In Fall 2022, the college is moving to a digital parking permit application. The link to the application can be found in the MyCOM Portal under "Other Services and Resources" in the Faculty tab.

Instructions for Staff, students, daily and Community Ed Parking Permits website   (available in English and Spanish)

Where to Park?

Try to keep up with the ever changing parking lot openings and closings during construction. Updates are sent to your email address. You will also find updated campus parking maps in public areas across the campus.

Parking Map

Textbooks and the Bookstore

Students may purchase textbooks and supplies for all classes at the Kentfield Campus Bookstore. 

Please see the Bookstore Website for current information for ordering and picking up orders.

Kentfield Campus Hours

Phone: (415) 485-9394

Map of new location on Kentfield Campus (pdf)

Ordering Textbooks

Instructors wishing to order books should do so at least eight weeks before the start of the coming semester.

For any other assistance, call 485-9394 or email: 

Book Adoptions for Summer and Fall 2023 due by April 15th

Now available for Summer and Fall classes:  Follett Discover Adopt.   The new adoption tool is accessed directly from Canvas and courses are populated as they are scheduled.  Please take just a few minutes and watch this Follett Discover Training Video.


  • The link in canvas is listed as "My Textbooks"
  • You may need to disable your pop-up blocker temporarily 
  • If you do not see a class listed, verify that it has been scheduled with you listed as the instructor. 

Helpful Hints:

Are you adopting digital content?

When adopting digital, it is important that you confirm the exact ISBN with the publisher representative prior to submitting to the campus store. Please specify whether students should purchase the standalone eBook, courseware, and/or a digital bundle. If a bundle is needed, also provide details on its components. With an increasing number of content providers adding digital options, it’s critical these are verified early in the adoption process.

Are you using the same materials as last time?

Submit your adoption to the campus store, so we have it on record.

Are you using Open Educational Resources (OER) or no textbook?

Submit the information so students are able to view what’s being used for their course. This also helps the campus be compliant with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA).

Questions or Need Help?

  • College of Marin Bookstore
  • Contact Person: Mike Raymond
  • Call: 415-485-9394
  • Email:
  • Come in: Near parking lot 1

Bookstore Manager General email:

Help your students  

Submitting your adoptions on time contributes to course material affordability by:

  • Allowing your campus store time to source used and rental inventory, ensuring that your students have the most affordable options available for the first day of class.
  • When adoptions are known before our end-of-term buyback event, we can pay your students top dollar for the materials they sell back and keep the affordable books circulating locally.
  • Allowing us ample time to research your requested materials and determine whether they can be added to our national network list of rental titles, potentially lowering prices even more.

Book options for students

In addition to new and used copies of our textbooks that have always been available to students, the bookstore offers two other options:

  • Textbook Rentals
  • Downloadable Digital versions

Textbook Rental program: In this case students pay upfront about half the price of a new textbook and must give the bookstore a credit card number that is valid at least a month past the end of the semester. If they do NOT return the book, the bookstore will charge the difference plus a service fee.

How are textbooks selected for the rental program?

  • Book orders need to be in well in advance of the start of the semester.
  • The book must be eligible. For example, workbooks would not be eligible as students write in them. Old editions that are about to be updated, would not be eligible.

Putting Books on Reserve in the Library

Perhaps you have an extra copy of your textbooks or other required readings that you could loan to the library? If so, please consider placing copies of your instructional material on course reserve for your students. Another option would be to request that the library purchase a copy using the ASCOM Textbook Loan Program. Students often struggle to purchase required course materials. Having textbooks available in the library provides your students with the opportunity to succeed.

To put a book on reserve:
  1. Fill out a “Request to Place Materials on Reserve” Form and turn it to the Circulation Desk at the Kentfield or Indian Valley Campus Library.
  2. Use one form for each book title
  3. If more than one copy of a single book, be sure to note if they have different loan periods.
  4. Please specify the dates you want it to be on reserve.
  5. At the end of the semester, please either extend for the next semester, or retrieve your material.

Printing services

To pick up your order:

At the bottom of the online form, you will choose where you would like to pick up your copies:

  • pick up from Printing Services at 941 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
  • on the counter in the KTD mailroom in AC 256
  • in the IVC mailroom - Building 9, Room 127
  • to the Bookstore for readers that will be sold to students
The Kentfield Printing Services Center at 941 Sir Francis Drake Blvd -  
To double-check hours during this time - 415.485.7447
  • Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Additional Instructions:

Materials duplicated for College of Marin classes should not bear any business logos. If you wish to use the College logo on your cover page, the College will provide the stationery. The instructor's name and course name should be on the materials to be duplicated.

Also, we encourage all instructors to create a packet of existing course materials that number 25 pages or more. The packet can then be sold to your students at the campus bookstores, and the duplication costs to your department will be significantly lower.

Self-service copiers

Self-service copiers are located as follows:

Kentfield Campus:

  • Printing Services:  941 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. (Check if this is ok.)
  • Academic Center Room 327
  • Science Math and Nursing Center 3rd floor by faculty offices

Indian Valley Campus:

  • Mailroom Building 9, Room 127
  • Building 27, Room 200

Self-service copiers should not be used for making multiple copies of class materials. Please plan ahead for all your printing needs for the semester.

Copyrights on Syllabi and Workbooks

When using material from other sources for Syllabi or Workbooks that are to be printed and sold in the College of Marin bookstore, it is necessary to acquire written permission from the book or magazine publisher before your job can be printed. There are no exceptions to this rule, including limited or fair use. Recently, publishers have become very strict about use and the college has adopted this policy in order to avoid any legal issues regarding material. Please contact the Reprographics Supervisor if you have any questions.

Media Services/Instructional Technology Department

Media Services, which was tasked for many years to provide classroom support, has been folded into the Instructional Technology Department

New Helpdesk System (starting Fall 2018):

The COM ServiceDesk replaces TrackIT and is a convenient way to request assistance. You can also access the Service Desk through the MyCOM portal. Please send ALL media requests and inquiries to this ServiceDesk. This includes request for room setup, events, equipment requests, etc. You will need to log in the same way you log in to the MyCOM Portal, your email or the Reprographics Storefront.

Service Desk Knowledgebase

In addition to this user-friendly ticketing system, IT offers a knowledgebase repository of technical resolutions, articles, FAQs and more.  Please explore the new Service Desk Knowledgebase website to find answers to your questions about Zoom setup, Office 365 and Wireless setup for your devices, the MyCOM Portal, or your Voicemail.

Media Service coverage:
  • Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:30PM;
  • weekend and after-hours event coverage are available ad hoc after consultation

Classroom Scheduling Conflicts

Room Scheduling is done by the Office of Instructional Management (OIM). Every effort is made to avoid having two classes assigned to the same room at the same time. It can happen, though, usually during a last minute scheduling change that comes too late to notify everyone concerned. If your class conflicts with another, please call your Department Chair or administrative assistant. We will make a temporary room change. A new room will be assigned before your next class meeting. Bear with us; we know how disruptive the situation is, and we will do everything we can to resolve the conflict as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Please check the online schedule "revisions" section before your first class meeting to make sure there haven't been any last minute changes to your scheduled room.

Classroom Care

Please leave the classroom in the same condition in which you found it. At the end of each class, windows should be closed, blackboards/whiteboards erased, and desks returned to their original arrangement.

If there is a problem in your room, please discuss the needed remedy with your Department Chair or adminstrative assistant so that a work order can be issued.

All classrooms have room capacities. If an unusually large number of students appear at the first class session, please do not add students beyond the seats available. Discuss the class size with your Department Chair and a room change will be made whenever possible.

If you find that your room is too hot or too cold, please contact the administrative assistant for your department so that Maintenance can be notified.

Classroom Keys/Key Fobs

Instructors are authorized to have a key/key fob to their classrooms. Please check with your discipline's administrative assistant to make sure you have keys/fobs to your classroom. Key requests must be authorized by department chairs or deans. When you receive the key, please sign the white form and return it to the administrative assistant.

Campus police will open – in an emergency. Occasionally, at the beginning of the semester, a staff member might be asked by OIM to open a classroom if the instructor has not yet received their fob/key. It is usually the department Admin. Assistant that calls ahead and asks that the room be opened. The general rule of thumb on both campuses is that you have your key or fob with you or that you have made alternative arrangements.  Therefore, it is important to have your own classroom key and remember to bring it with you!

Should you have an emergency or forget your key/fob, please contact campus police on the non-emergency phone number at (415) 485-9696.

Emergency Procedures Evenings and Saturdays

If you have an emergency in the evening or on Saturday, you can call the Police Dispatcher at 485-9696 (or ext. 7696 on campus) who will in turn call the Campus Police.

If you need to be reached by a family member for an emergency after 7 or 8 pm or on Saturdays, you can be contacted through the Campus Police by calling the Police Dispatcher at (415) 485-9696.

For other procedures such as evacuation or when there is a power outage, refer to the red and white handbook posted inside most classrooms.  You can also refer to the following information in case of other disaster:

Emergency Guidelines Handbook

As always, in a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.  

Library Services


The library system at College of Marin is a user-centered organization focused on student achievement and patron satisfaction. Its mission is to serve not only our diverse learning community located on the Kentfield and Indian Valley campuses, but also our Distance Education students, who access library resources remotely via the Internet, and the Marin community at large. The library supports the instructional and curricular needs of all students, faculty, and staff. The faculty librarians at COM value information literacy as fundamental to higher education.


Library cards may be obtained at the Loan Desk. Students, faculty, and staff must show valid photo identification to obtain a College of Marin Library Card. A library card allows current members of our learning community to check-out materials from both the Kentfield and Indian Valley Campus libraries or at any MARINet Library.


Faculty are encouraged to place textbooks and other course material “On Reserve” for limited use by their students. For more information, please contact the Loan Desk at Kentfield (x7756 or (415) 485-9656) or Indian Valley Campus (415) 883-2211 x8505.


A library database is an online resource that contains articles and information from print sources such as magazines, newspapers, journals, and reference books.   The College of Marin Library offers a comprehensive assortment of databases that are selected to support the research needs of our learning community and are available to anyone with a MyCOM account. Please contact a faculty librarian at the Reference Desk (x7475 or (415) 485-9475) to find out more information on these powerful tools. A to Z list of Databases

Information Literacy Instruction For Your Students:

Information literacy is one of our college’s general education student learning outcomes.  The goal is for our students to be able to formulate strategies to locate, evaluate and apply information from a variety of sources - print and/or electronic.

Librarians provide information literacy instruction in a variety of ways. The library faculty offers the following modes of instruction that are available to all students, faculty, and staff:

  • Reference interview, in person or by telephone
  • Individual or small group research consultations/appointments
  • Class instruction in library or campus classrooms
  • Asynchronous modes of instruction (email at

Instructors are encouraged to collaborate with librarians in planning active learning strategies and techniques that will best meet the needs of the students. In order to schedule an Information Literacy Instruction session for a class, instructors are asked to fill out a Library Orientation Request Form.  A copy of this form may be downloaded from the Library Forms and Handouts page.

For more information on library services, please visit our website:

Tutoring and Learning Center

The Tutoring and Learning Center at College of Marin offers free peer-tutoring for currently enrolled students in a variety of subjects including biology, business, chemistry, foreign languages, medical assisting, math and more! All tutors are faculty-recommended and have completed a course in tutor training.

The TLC has designated areas for drop-in tutoring as well as areas where students can study privately. Several computers are available to registered students for tutor related activities and academic work. Schedules for drop-in tutoring are posted in the TLC, AC 249.

For more information and hours go to:

Field Trip Policy

Prior to organizing a field trip, you must receive approval from your Director/Dean. Please print and fill this one out (will be updated):

Field Trip Approval Form (pdf)    

Instructors must also fill out a Field Trip Request Form. In addition, please ask your students to fill out the Field Trip/Excursion Waiver form. This form is for excursions such as, but not limited to, one-day trips to museums, galleries, offsite performances, off-site rehearsals, etc.

Important: Students meet at the fieldtrip site - Transportation is NOT provided or planned by District.

Updated 8-31-2023

Indian Valley Campus Services

Everything you needed to know and more about Services at the Indian Valley Campus as of Spring 2023

Veterans Services

Veterans Services Webpage

Veterans Services Contact and Support Info for Benefits, Certification, Counseling and Educational Plans

  • The Enrollment Services’ specialist certifies students eligible for veteran benefits.

  • College of Marin is approved as an educational facility for veterans and their dependents.

  • New and returning veteran/dependents are advised to meet with the College of Marin Designated Veteran Counselor each semester.

  • New and returning veteran/dependents are required each semester to submit paperwork to the Designated School Official (DSO) for course verification and to receive veteran benefits.

Frequently called VA telephone numbers are:

Education: 888.442.4551

Monthly Verification of Attendance: 877.823.2378

Veteran's Counselors (for appointment - 415.485.9436

Direct Deposit: 877.838.2779

Other VA Benefits: 800.827.1000

Visit the VA website:

The Student Activities and Advocacy Office

The Student Activities and Advocacy Office is the hub for Associated Students of the College of Marin (ASCOM), registered student clubs, the Standards of Student Conduct, and a connection point for community resources and services. SAA is committed to facilitating learning that complements students’ academic goals, while cultivating opportunities that support and reflect our diverse student population. Through engagement in ASCOM, clubs, purposeful and dynamic workshops and programs, and individual and group dialogue, students will enhance communication, critical thinking, social and organizational skills, and better understand responsibility for oneself and the community.